Would You Take Risks?





Lee denim trousers, tank from Roaman’s, cardigan from Younkers, Fitzwell Gemma pumps from 6pm.com

It’s March 1st, dang it, and I don’t care if there’s a pile of snow taller than me in the parking lot. I’m dressing to honor and celebrate spring.

I’m also wearing 4 inch heels. I haven’t worn such things in years, but I’ve been practicing at home 🙂 and I’m determined to be willing to look foolish and awkward, if need be, to learn how to walk gracefully in heels.

I LOVE color. Love, love, loooooooove color. So for me, the rush is worth it for the joy the colors bring me.

What risks are you willing to take for joy today?


2 thoughts on “Would You Take Risks?

  1. I love the shape of that cardigan – I have two very similar to it.

    What risks for joy? Buying a plane ticket to go visit people who make me very happy.

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