Here’s the Thing About Dieting…


It has the weirdest effect on me. Basically, whenever I try to “diet”, I develop an unholy craving for whatever it is I’m not supposed to eat.

I know all the thoughts about “food is just fuel”, meaning that we have unnaturally linked food to things like rewards, love, celebrations, comfort, and so on. But to me, LONG before we had an obesity epidemic, food was ALWAYS part of celebratory events. I mean, we even offered foods to the gods since time began!

In the last month or so, since I gave up hating and waging war against my own body, I’ve made peace with the fact that food can be a beautiful thing! A hot mug of thick and hearty soup in a cold and snowy night IS comforting. A beautiful candlelight dinner of pasta – yes, pasta! – with a glass of wine IS a wonderful celebration.

And it doesn’t have to be re-engineered to be low-fat, low-carb, low-calorie or anything else.

I think the point is to eat and enjoy wonderful REAL food with gratitude, and then to get up from the table and move on! Emphasis on the “move”. As in, walk two blocks to the video store rather than jumping in the car. Clean, paint, go visit friends rather than veg out on the couch all night. LIVE rather than reading about it, watching it, or trying to recreate it in a gym.

Are YOU “so over” dieting, or is it just me?


8 thoughts on “Here’s the Thing About Dieting…

  1. I’m curiously drawn to your musings ……somehow feeling an unknown, unclear connection. Perhaps similar ages, perhaps I’m reading between the lines, thinking we have some common pain. Whatever it is, I will follow your shared thoughts and smile

  2. The Italians adore food (an understatement, you understand), but obesity is not a huge problem in Italy. Three reasons: The food – real food, not highly processed crap; Portions – they’d rather have a bit of something wonderful than gobs of something meh; La Passeggiata – the evening walk.

    Knowing you can have what you want, when you want (in moderation) is so freeing. Plus I find that I want it less.

  3. Love food and love your body and find a balance between exercise and eating and all will be right. 🙂 [*psst* Weight Watchers *psst*]

  4. It makes me sad that spaghetti upsets my stomach, because I do love it so.

    But maybe that’s because I think it’s humanly impossible to have a little bit of spaghetti. I don’t even think that’s a thing!

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