First Times


When I met my husband at 46, he had never seen an ocean. Also? He was afraid of water. Two things for which I had no mental frame of reference.

So I took him to the ocean. And the fearful wonder of a middle aged man feeling the tide pull against his feet for the very first time was amazing to behold.

We’re never too old for first times.


Trying on a New Me


So, I’ve never been one to post photos of myself, for all the same, tired, self-abusive reasons we all use. I’m too much of this, not enough of that.

Taking photos has helped me see MYSELF as a subject of creativity. And clothing as props.

I borrowed this peplum top from the wonderful Gwynnie Bee and I’m rocking it to work.

Proof of God’s Love


I have an amazing friend Megan who reminds us today that beauty is what you decide it is. I am a strong, strong believer that beauty is everywhere, all around us, all the time…if we just take the time and open our souls to see it.

Moreover, I believe that beauty is proof that God loves us. Why paint a sunset with thousands of shades of breathtaking colors – when two or three would do – if not just as a gift to delight us on our travels? If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

Beauty from Chaos


We had an ice storm here in Iowa yesterday, and it wasn’t pretty. It was scary as HELL to drive in, and of course, there were accidents aplenty. My poor dogs looked like Bambi on the ice when they had to go outside.

And yet….it was pretty.

And I also had a fine excuse to stay home and enjoy my favorite spot in the universe – my home.

There is value and beauty in the unpleasantly unexpected. Eventually.