A very smart friend of mine admitted on her blog that one of the reasons her blog has seen so many changes is because – with so many interests – it’s hard to focus on just one! As soon as one does, the others start nagging in the back of one’s head, right?

I have a LOT of interests, and even a handful of things about which I am pretty hot and passionate. Healthcare is obviously one of them, as a new Family Nurse Practitioner.

Photography is another. Actually, BEAUTY is what I am passionate about. As in, seeing it in the everyday world around us. It is my very firm belief that God gifts us with heart-stopping, breathtaking beauty all day everyday – if we just have the eyes to notice it, see it, and appreciate it. One of the ways I do that is to try to capture it. And not with any fancy photography equipment (although I admit I looooooong for a cool-kids digital camera). Just with my plain ol’ Samsung camera phone.

Because almost everyone has a smartphone with a camera these days. That makes capturing photos of the beautiful one of the most democratic things there is.


So on this page, you will find photos that delight me: either taken by me or taken by others who have inspired me and that I want to share. If you want to see more you can find me on my Instagram account at – of course – @whatsananna.


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