In Which Old Ladies Run….


We ran for 16 minutes today, this fat little 5-year old dachshund and I. Actually, the 4-month old golden retriever ran with us too, but she was hiding from me by the time I took this picture, because she tried to kill me 72 times in sixteen minutes tripping me.

Why, you ask, would a 52 year old woman suddenly decide to go out on a cold day when the streets are icy and I imagined the neighbors coming to their windows to laugh at the old lady wheezing down the street?

Because it’s fun.

Because my body is healthy enough to at least shuffle along, and I wanted to celebrate that fact.

Because everybody starts somewhere.

Because the fresh air stinging my cheeks was a rush after a long hard day at work today.


P.S. Don’t worry. The golden and I made up. Sort of.


Get Your Silly On


Remember the movie “Patch Adams”? How the medical student infused death and grief with laughter and joy? For that matter, consider another Robin Williams masterpiece, “Good Morning Vietnam”, and how goofiness alleviated horror and homesickness.

Certainly there is a time for seriousness, and professionalism, and pomp and circumstance.

But not today, darlings. It’s Friday. Dust off your clown nose today and rock it!