If You Needed Me, Which Would Stand Out More?


In editing photos, I can make one item or another more prominent, to stand out more.

Life is like that too. If you were sick, and needed my help, which would stand out more in your mind, and your memory…

…my medical skills?

…or my very human hand?


Why Haven’t I Been Writing Lately?!?!


I realized today that I haven’t written a thing except snippets on Facebook since October.

What the heck?!

My friend and mentor told me that when I got out of school, it would take a good year to get my feet under me, personally. To be able to do anything not related to work or school without the nagging feeling that I was supposed to be doing something else.

She was right.

My work schedule is a cluster. My sleep and eat schedule is worse. My time for soul-enriching things like exercise or socializing has been completely non-existent.

By combining areas of my blog, I’m hoping to give myself some much needed creative outlet. I want to be more than my job title: more than the endless list of household duties and familial obligations.

At 52, I’d really like to finally, finally enjoy some of the things that are meaningful to me, whether or not anyone else agrees with or understands or shares those things.

Also? I’m discovering wine.